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sep 14: slides from today's workshop @ rote flora are available here.

sep 13: we are now running our own xmpp server. please use support (at) to contact us (omemo fingerprint below).

jun 8: from now on, we will hold workshops every monday from 7-10 pm @ heart's fear (wildenbruchstr. 24).

apr 16: is now one year old :)

here you can find the current flyer in german. please write an e-mail (de/en) if you are interested in hardware, consulting or workshops!


+++ regular workshops every monday, 7-10 pm @ heart's fear +++

english slides from previous workshops @ heart's fear: infosec basics, smartphones, anonymity online, encrypted communication.

german slides from previous workshops @ g17a: infosec basics, anonymity online + encrypted communication, smartphones + freifunk.

sep 14, 2 pm @ rote flora (hamburg): smartphone workshop.

sep 16, 7 pm @ heart's fear (wildenbruchstr. 24): open workshop.

sep 17, 6 pm @ meuterei (reichenbergerstr. 58): computer workshop.

sep 18, 6 pm @ meuterei (reichenbergerstr. 58): smartphone + social media workshop.

sep 23, 7 pm @ heart's fear (wildenbruchstr. 24): open workshop.

oct 15, 6 pm @ kritische o-wochen (hu berlin): computer workshop.


rezisto s3: refurbished samsung galaxy s3 with replicant 6.0 - 149€.

rezisto s5: refurbished samsung galaxy s5 with lineage os 16.0 - 199€.

phones come with new batteries and usb cable. extra large batteries are available.

on the s3, cameras and microphones can be removed. non-free wifi can be activated.


rezisto 400: refurbished thinkpad t400 with libreboot, 4 gb ram, 250 gb ssd - 399€.

rezisto 230: refurbished thinkpad x230 with coreboot, neutered management engine, 8 gb ram, 250 gb ssd - 499€

debian buster preinstalled with full disk encryption.

de, uk and us keyboards available. other languages on request.

battery runtime at least 3-4 hours. higher capacity on request.

custom modifications on request.


rezisto libera: tp-link wr1043nv5 with librecmc - 79€.

rezisto reto: tp-link wr1043nv5 with freifunk firmware - 79€.

accessories + services

rezisto vivu: 32 gb usb 3.0 stick with verified tails 3.16 - 15€.

rezisto kripto: encrypted 32 gb usb 3.0 stick (luks/dm-crypt) - 15€.

rezisto aero: atheros ar9271 external wifi stick - 29€.

replicant installation service incl. new polarcell battery - 49€.

coreboot/libreboot installation service incl. ar9382 wifi chip and debian buster installation - 149€.

we also offer repairs and upgrades of other devices.

shipping and payment

pickup in berlin kreuzberg: 0€

germany: 5€ for phones, 10€ for routers and laptops.

eu: 10€ for phones, 20€ for routers and laptops.

all shipping insured and co2 neutral via dhl.

payment in cash or sepa. no paypal, no credit card.


can i come by and try out things before buying? - yes, take your time.

can i come by and watch you prepare my device? - yes, you are invited to.

what are possible custom modifications? - removing cameras + microphones. a cpu upgrade for the rezisto 400. whatever you wish, just ask.

can i get a rebate? - b condition devices are 10% off. bundles of 3 or more phones are 10% off.

can i bring my old laptop? - yes, it is always possible to check the hardware and install a new operating system.

i'm confused, what should i do? - don't hesitate to write an e-mail or come to a workshop!


mail: (at) (5A77 422F 3B22 28E3 3D39 E152 D7FE A87B 9354 9E52)

onion: resistnkppwowpho.onion

xmpp+omemo: support (at) (fingerprint)

signal: +49 30 68999381

impressum & datenschutz



last updated: sep 13 2019